Can TENS and EMS Technology Be In One device? Understand The Difference

TENS and EMS Technology

Just hearing about TENS and EMS for the first time and wondering what the difference between these two technologies are?

Are you wondering if both EMS and TENS can be used in one device and massage machine?

Well, the simple answer is yes but in the post we shall d you favor of helping you understand TENS and EMS is and their difference so that you better understand them.

If you want a natural means of dealing with pain, a way that is drug-free treatments that electrotherapy offers, then you need to consider the options TENS and EMS devices have to offer.

There are different versions and brands of these units that if you are not well guided you might get confused trying to buy one.

What does TENS stand for?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

What does EMS stand for?

Electrical muscle stimulation

The similarity between TENS and EMS:

Both deliver low voltage electric impulses to stimulate nerves. This is made possible by placing the electrode pads on the affected skin of your body that is in pains and in need of relief.

These electrodes conduct low voltage in form of pulses and the pads deliver those gentle pulses through the skin and to the nerves.

What is the Difference Between TENS and EMS Therapy?

The main difference between TENS and EMS is based on their output. TENS unit stimulates the sensory nerve endings, while EMS stimulates the muscle.

Most TENS treatment are aimed at reducing pain as much as possible while EMS devices are  aimed at muscles to recover and strengthen.

This is why to get the best recovery from injuries, devices that have both TENS and EMS technology is recommended.

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How TENS Works Comparatively to EMS

How does EMS and TENS unit work? Lets give you a better understanding as to how they work. There are two theories written about how TENS unit work. I am not much of a techie person but deducing the long theories here is what I understood.

When TENS stimulates the sensory nerve endings, it blocks the pain signal from traveling to the brain.

This way you don’t feel much pain and all you feel is the pleasantly relieving, tingling sensation from the part of you skin where the pad modes are placed on.

First theory explained, now lets see what the second theory explains about TENS unit.

From the second theory, TENS unit send signals to the brain to produce its own natural pain killers which are known as “Endorphins”.

With much of this chemical secreted into the blood stream, you don’t feel much pain except the sensation of the mild charge going through your skin.

So, one theory made us believe that TENS unity works by naturally inhibiting the transmission of pain signals to the brain while the other theory is all about a chemical process preventing us from feeling the pain.

TENS and EMS Technology Be In One device
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How EMS Muscle Stimulation is Different from TENS

EMS signals is not about pain relieving but acts like a passive exercise on your muscles. It works first like first stimulating muscle creating a contraction and then relaxing the muscle.

The initial process is designed to clone resistance exercises of sportsmen and women and this cycle comes with lots of health benefits.

Some of these health benefits are:

  • Increasing blood flow to the area of treatment,
  • Warming up the muscle,
  • Building muscular endurance
  • Conditions the muscle in a way that helps to decreases inflammation and help encourage muscle growth.

TENS and EMS technology in a device are the best natural way to get a drug free form of pain control and muscle conditioning.

ARE Tens And Ems Units The Same Thing?

From the explanations that we have given above, you can see that both TENS and EMS techs are not the same thing because they function differently.

Some people tend to get addicted to drugs used for pain relief and this doesn’t happen to be a natural form of getting that relief.

TENS units helps you get that pain relief on the affected part of your body and EMS handles the healing and relaxing aspect.

That is why you should buy devices that have TENS and EMS capabilities. One of such devices that has a combination of these two is iReliev TENS &EMS Combination Device.

You might use an EMS unit if:

You suffer from muscle spasms,

Have poor blood circulation,

Have suffered from muscle atrophy due to disuse,

Your muscles need to be stimulated and re-educated,

Your muscles are weak and lack tone,

You’ve lost range of motion due to an injury or illness, or

You’ve recently had a surgery and doctors want to prevent venous thrombosis in your lower legs.

You might use a TENS unit if:

You have acute or chronic pain,

Have pain after a surgery,

Suffer from post-operative incision pain,

Have regular migraines or tension headaches,

You’ve suffered from sports or activity injuries that cause chronic discomfort,

You suffer from arthritis,

You have tendonitis or bursitis,

You have cancer pain,

You suffer from pain from wound healing, or

You’re pregnant and are looking for alternative pain control methods for labor and delivery.

Concluding On The TENS and EMS

I believe that you now understand what TENS and EMS is and how they help with affected areas of your body that need of relief from pain or recovery from injuries or surgery.

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