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    1PC RF Hair Care Massage Comb

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    1. Using four core technologies: EMS microcurrent + RF radio frequency + LED color light + EP technology, gently care for your hair health.
    2. This electric hair care comb massages the scalp through the comb teeth, injects health factors into the hair, promotes hair growth, and makes the hair thicker and thicker.
    3. Four levels of adjustment, tailor-made hair care programs, effectively strengthen hair roots, improve hair quality, reduce hair loss and hair breakage.
    4. Equipped with a dropper, our comb can be used with hair growth lotion to promote hair absorption of nutrients for better results.
    5. This electric comb is easy to carry, so you can enjoy beauty salon-level hair care SPA anytime and anywhere.


    Color: Dark green
    Material: ABS+stainless steel
    Charging voltage: 5V
    Rated current: 0.38A
    Rated power: 1.6W
    Net weight: 0.145KG
    Product size: 22*4*5CM
    Packing size: 23.8*8*5CM

    Packing List:

    1* RF hair care comb
    1* dropper
    1* USB Charging Cable
    1* English User Manual


    White Comb


    1.Using six infrared lamp beads and 4 blue lamp beads, the red and blue laser waves penetrate deep into the hair follicles, repair damaged hair follicles, stabilize hair roots, and solve hair loss problems from the root.
    2.EMS micro-current high-frequency vibration massages the scalp, stimulates cell regeneration, promotes hair growth, and gently cares for hair health.
    3.Help you effectively improve a variety of hair problems, such as frequent hair loss, broken hair, receding hairline, thinning hair, etc.
    4.The marble pressing comb automatically pushes the liquid, allowing the hair growth potion to reach the scalp, assisting in the restoration of scalp activity, and promoting the hair to absorb nutrients without wasting the potion.
    5.This RF hair growth comb is easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy beauty salon-level hair care SPA anytime, anywhere.


    Material: ABS+TPU (comb teeth)
    color: White
    Rated voltage: 5V
    Rated current: 1.2A
    Rated power: 5W
    Charging method: Type-C
    Battery: 500mAh lithium battery
    Charging time: about 2 hours
    Use time: 15-20 days (10 minutes each time)
    Product size: 22×5×4CM

    Packing List

    1*Hair growth comb
    1*Chinese and English manual
    1*Type-C charging cable


    30ml Hair Growth Oil


    1. Nourish hair follicles, effectively promote hair growth and care.
    2. Inhibit greasy hair roots, prevent dryness and strengthen the scalp against external stimuli.
    3.With the unique hair conditioning function, it can make your hair thick and shiny.
    4.100% natural ingredients ginger hair growth serum using ginger king, ginseng, polygonum, angelica as a raw material which can effectively consolidate hair and prevent hair loss, makes your hair dense and supple.

    Direction for use

    1.Wash hair before using, until hair to half dry.
    2.Take a suitable amount of the product according to the scope of the required to use drop on the scalp, massage with finger pulp 2-3 minutes absorbed, use 2-3 times a day.
    3.After using, not to wash hair in 3 hours.


    Capacity: 30 ML
    Ingredients: Water, ginger (ZINGIBER OFFICINALE ) extract , fleece-flower root extract (POLYGON- UM MULTIFLORUM), ANGELICA (GUIANGELICA sinensisdan GUI SINE-NSIS) extract , niacinamide, tocopherol(vitaminE), danshen extract (SALVIA SCLAREA)
    Function: nourish hair, hair root nutrition
    Applicable people: people need maintenance hair
    Gross weight: 86g
    Product size: 10.7*3.6*3.6cm

    Package Include

    1 * Ginger Hair Growth Oil
    1* English color box



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