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    Electric Vacuum Cupping Body Massager

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    1.Effectively removes dampness and detoxification, promotes blood circulation, dredges the meridians, stimulates acupoints, eliminates fatigue, improves immunity, and has a good effect on improving body obesity, backache, dull complexion, dry mouth, fatigue, and lethargy.

    2.Centrifugal negative pressure technology: 9 levels of negative pressure suction, atmospheric pump 120Kpa, strong suction, better cupping and scraping effect.

    3.Warm moxibustion and hot compress: 9 levels of temperature regulation, 55℃ warm moxibustion and hot compress, unclog the pores, warm the uterus and stomach, shape the legs, eliminate edema, and get rid of dampness and cold in the body.

    4.Magnetic wave care: 10 powerful magnets, far-infrared light physiotherapy, directly hit the nourishing cells in the skin, painless scraping.

    5.Enlarge the chassis to 8+4cm, and the bearing surface is wider; deepen the tank body, the suction force is greater, and the Sha is faster.

    6.The compact and lightweight main unit and ergonomic handle are suitable for gripping, and wireless handheld, allowing you to enjoy professional physiotherapy anytime, anywhere.

    7.Dual power supply mode: It can be fully charged or plugged in. You can choose the most convenient power supply method.

    * Gua Sha therapy for colds: It is recommended to scrape Gua Sha for 15 minutes each time, once every two days.

    * Cough and cupping therapy: Scraping at Dazhui point once a day, 3-5 times as a course of treatment.

    * It takes about 6 hours or more to fully charge this product.


    Material: ABS

    Color: Whit

    Size: 10.8*10.8*13cm

    Packing size: 26.5*15.5*11cm

    Rated voltage: 110-240V

    Working voltage: DC3.7V

    Power: 20W

    Packing List

    1* Host

    1* EU/U.S. Adapter

    1* Accessory kit (tweezers + 3 filter cotton)

    1* English User Manual














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