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    Microcurrent RF Neck Beauty Face Lifting Machine

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    1. This microcurrent radio frequency beauty instrument can be used to tighten and lift facial skin, rejuvenate collagen, reduce fine lines, and resist skin aging, allowing you to enjoy SPA-level beauty care at home.
    2. Three-color phototherapy for skin rejuvenation: blue light, green light and red light, adapt to different skin needs, effectively improve skin texture, refine skin, enhance skin elasticity, and restore skin youth.
    3. Used together with skin care products such as essences and creams, this beauty instrument can introduce nutrients through micro-current, promote skin absorption of nutrients, and make skin care better.
    4. The bionic dolphin tail, three-dimensionally wraps around and fits the curve, touches the skin deeply, leaving nowhere for fine lines to escape.


    Step 1: Remove the back cover, install the battery, and align the positive and negative poles.
    Step 2: Apply essence or cream to the massage head.
    Step 3: Long press to power on and start using.


    Material: ABS
    Voltage: 0.6W
    Output power: DC3V
    Packing size: 15*11.3*5cm

    Packing List:

    1*Neck beauty instrument (without battery)
    1* color box

    Type B:red light,recharge


    1. High-frequency sound wave vibration + red light, comparable to the massage technique of a professional masseur, continuously massages the skin, strengthens cell vitality, promotes blood circulation, and cares for the neck skin.
    2. Our neck beautifying instrument can decompose and introduce nutrients through ionization, improve the skin's absorption efficiency of nutrients, and double the skin care effect.
    3. The colored light broadcasts directly to the bottom of the skin, promoting the contraction and reconstruction of collagen fibers, reducing fine lines, brightening the complexion, and improving dull complexion.
    4. Use it every morning and evening for -10 minutes to help nourish the skin, firm and lift the skin of the face and neck, dilute all kinds of fine lines and wrinkles, and make you have a beautiful swan neck.
    5. Dolphin-like appearance design, three-dimensional circular arc, deeply touches the skin of the neck, and fully fits the curves of the neck and face.
    6. The compact and lightweight neck beauty instrument is easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy neck beauty SPA anytime and anywhere.


    Charging voltage: 5V
    Rated power: 2.5W
    Product net weight: 85g
    Product gross weight: 125g
    Package size: 13.9*9*4.3cm

    Packing List:

    1* Host
    1* USB Charging Cable
    1* User Manual
    1* Packing Box



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