Slendertone Vs Flex Belt: Which Is Best EMS Machine To Strengthen Abs

Slendertone Vs Flex Belt: Which Is Best EMS Machine To Strengthen Abs

EMS machines popularly known as electrical muscle stimulation has been around for decades and in recent decades, lots of companies released products into the market claiming that their machine will give you strong toned abs within a short period of time.

What’s even more is that, they claim that the strong abs can be achieved even while you’re doing your house chores or even watching TV.

Do you believe them?

Well we are about to find out.  In this post are going to take a look at some top rated abs belts that you can find in the market as well as discussed some interesting scientific research.

So it is important that you read on to learn more about these products and to know if you are purchasing the right one.

How does an EMS machine work?

Low voltage electrical currents that is sent from the device through a series of prepositioned electrode over your abs.

Its use will cause your abdominal muscles to contract which is supposed to be the exact job that is supposed to take place when you’re doing your workout without actually doing any conventional stomach strengthening exercise.

 Slendertone Connect Abs

Slendertone Connect Abs


Slendertone has claimed that their products is the best in the market and has the technological advancement to give you strong abs within a short period of time.

I am of the stronger opinion that when you make a promise like that, you need to back it up and make sure you’re not deceiving your customers. I believe you share the same view too.

But from latest reviews and discoveries, we have come to see that their claim was indeed a fact and none of their promises was no throw away comments you see from manufacturers.

But what makes Slendertone EMS Machine special?

The most striking feature about this product has to be the integration with your Smartphone through their app.

With this integration you’re able to set your training goals, planned workout and track your process through a dedicated free Slendertone connect app. I don’t think any other company has been able to do this.

The app is available for download from the Google play store and also from iTunes store for iOS devices.  In the past it was only available for iOS devices but obviously more android device is meant more customers for them.

From experience, what I have come to love about this integration and dedicated app is how it motivates a user.

An app that is able to help you track your progress and goals through personal report and achievement and recommendation will surely give you the drive you need to continue.

With this integration, Slendertone has been able to beat many other brands to it being the first to move their product to this online integration and enabling their customers to be able to combine their work out to their devices.

This feature has its own price tag that comes with it; this feature has been able to display its uniqueness about their products differentiating it from the rest in the industry and market.

Here are some of the technical features of Slendertone EMS machine:

For waist sizes: 24” – 42”

Programs: 5

Intensity levels: 100

Battery: Rechargeable (USB charging)

Warranty: 2 year

To help you understand more how the belt and connect app is able to work together, here is a short video to watch.

For you to be able to get faster results from the use of abs belts, you should combine its use with healthy diet and regular exercises.

 The Flex belt

While watching commercials on your TV, you should have come across the Flex Belt which is heavily promoted and endorsed by number of high profile celebs.

This heavily equipped device has been known to have a whooping 10 programs and 150 intensity levels.

When you take a look at the image of the products below you see a controller that looks identical to that all Slendertone products.

The Flex belt


The reason is simple; both products are designed by the same company based in Ireland called Biomedical Research Ltd.  This company has more than 50 years experience in the development and manufacture of EMS equipments.

The advantage of talking about two products from one company is that either of the two can give you similar results.

Another factor about the products I find interesting is that they have a 60 day money back guarantee for their flex belt.  So if you’re not satisfied with the results before 60 days, you are free to return the product back and have your money refunded to you.

But they are very sure that their products will give you your desired results and you will not regret paying for it.

Here are some of the technical features of their flex belt:

Waist sizes: 24” – 52” (includes belt extension for waist sizes over 44″)

Programs: 10

Intensity levels: 150

Battery: Rechargeable

Warranty: 2 year

We have a video about their products below which you will find very interesting but what caught my interest the most is the part that talk about muscle confusion.

You can get to that part by jumping to 5.0 1.  There are lots of programs that come to this product and intensity levels really help.

Lots of research has been carried out about Slendertone abs belts and it was discovered that the use of this product has significantly improved abdominal strength and endurance of each users.

During the clinical trial of Slendertone abs belt, the monitored group of people that used the belts for 5 days a week between 20 to 40 minutes per session and over a period of two month saw significant improvement in their abs strength and endurance.

Here is a short statement from the study that was summarized in the Wall Street Journal:

In the 41-person study… published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, subjects using the Slendertone lost 1.4 inches from their midsection, compared with no change for a control group who did no exercise. The researchers concluded that, while fat wasn’t lost, the stronger abdominal muscles pulled in the abdomen, much like a girdle.

There are some customers that are worried about the safety of using electrical Muscle stimulation devices.

If you’re one of them you should know that the use of EMS machines has been prominent since the 1960s and 1970s by sports scientists.

Since then, professional athletes have been making use of EMS machines for training, therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.

Also, if it makes you feel comfortable, you should know that the FDA regulates the sale of EMS devices in the United States.

Slendertone vs. Flex Belt

It’ll be a bit difficult to state which of the above is better than the other since both are manufactured by the same company and sold under respective brands.

Similar research and design was put into the production of these EMS machines so definitely their quality won’t be in question.

If you observe them closely you will see that they have identical shaped and sized pads. And also the positioning of your belt is exactly the same.

The few differences I have come to see between both of them is the number of programs, intensity levels,  controller units, battery, material, and finishing.

Slendertone System Abs

One of the higher end devices of this brand is a rechargeable device with 7 pre-set programs and 99 intensity level.

Just in case you’ve not heard about Slendertone products, you should know that that they  one of the market leaders when it comes to the EMS machine for strengthening of abs and endurance.

 Slendertone System Abs


What we have also come to like about Slendertone system is it rechargeable controller.  This means that you don’t have to deal with any swapping of batteries or have to keep ordering it online.

Another advantage that comes with this product is that you can pull out the control unit from the belt if you need to make any adjustments and also check out your progress on the LCD screen.

It is recommended that you replace the pads after 20 or 30 sessions.

That said, it is possible that they might last longer if you use them well.  For as little as $15.99 you can be able to replace the gel pads.

Buying them in a pack of three sets can also bring down the price significantly.

Here are some of the technical features of this product:

For women’s waist sizes: 24” – 56” *

For men’s waist sizes: 27” – 56” *

Programs: 7

Intensity levels: 99

Battery: Rechargeable

Warranty: 2 year

* Includes belt extension for waist sizes over 44”

Some users want to know if it is possible to share this product with other people.  Well you can but however, there hygienic concerns you should look into because of the electrodes that will be using.

These are the only concerns that you should look into before sharing your EMS devices with anyone else.

Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Muscle Toner

If you have issues with high prices of Slendertone abs toners but you want similar quality, then this is a product that you should check out.

Even though you will not be getting all the fancy features like the pull out rechargeable device, you’ll be getting products that use the same EMS technology and replacement parts like the more expensive ones.


This particular model used 7 built in programs and 99 levels of resistance for you to choose from.

However, there are some facts you need to bear in mind, the screen is very small and there is no backlit.

As you can see from the image below it is located in front of the belt and sometimes it can be a bit tricky to see exactly what you are doing.

It is a bit more affordable so I think we can live with these compromises.

Here are some of the technical features of this product:

For waist sizes: 24” – 56” (includes belt extension for waist sizes over 47”)

Programs: 7

Intensity levels: 99

Battery: 3 x AAA

Warranty: 2 year

Using this product comes with some running costs as you might need to buy replacement batteries which are the standard type.  We also have to consider the electrodes which cost about $10 a set.  The price gets cheaper in packs if you are buying single sets.

Healthmateforever Abs and Back Pain Relief Belt System

We’ve written a post about TENS unit and if you know how they work they show understand how Healthmateforever product work which is a range of TENS and EMS combination unit.

Yes what this particular device and the outcome offer you; if you want a product that has the combination of EMS and TENS application, then this is the product for you.


Some of the features that we love about this product are:

You can be able to use it in the front to work the abs and then turning around for similar effects to be applied to your back.  So you can say this is a 2 in 1 product.

This is a genuinely multifunctional product in every sense.

If you ordered this product from the United States or Canada then this is good news for you, you’ve just added a lifetime warranty to this product when you pay for it.

I believe this has instilled confidence in lots of customers that have paid for this product.

For waist sizes: 26” – 48” inch

Programs: 10

Intensity levels: 20

Battery: Rechargeable

Warranty: Limited lifetime

There Are Warning Signs About These Products You Should Look Out For

When you check online marketplace is like Amazon and eBay, you will see lots of products that look similar to this one especially a brand known as sixpad that is heavily promoted by Cristiano Ronaldo and series of television adverts.

Best warning signs that can help you identify this product is that they do not have FDA clearance on their listing.

Since FDA regulates the sales of EMS devices in the United States, it should be expected that they will list it in their product description but you might not find it there.

You should be careful of companies that makes false alarm in the advertisement of their products.

In 2002 and 2003, the federal trade commission charged three top selling electronic abdominal exercise belts with making false claims about their product.

The marketers of AB Energizer, AbTronic, and Fast Abs were charged after they advertised that users will get “six pack” or “washboard” abs without exercise. The company behind AB Energiser was also accused of falsely representing that the device will cause weight loss.

Not all these devices are suited for everyone especially the ones that have pacemaker or similar electrical implanted devices in them.  You should be wary of products like this and stay away from them and most importantly, you should the instruction manuals of product before using them.

Ask questions about products and read proper guides like this post before paying for one, and if you are unsure about the safety of a product, please have it returned.