TENS Unit For Pain Management: Beginners Guide To Understanding And Buying One

If you want to buy some of the best TENS unit for your home use and pain management, then you are in the right place because we shall be recommending some to you.

But before we proceed, it is important that you understand everything there is to TENS unit and pain management so you know what you are dealing with.

Some people might be wondering the type of pain that TENS unit can be used to treat; if you find that you are suffering from back pain, sciatica, or any form of muscle pain, a TENS unit should be able to provide you the relief you seek for.

What is a TENS Unit And what does it mean?

TENS stands for (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). The purpose of this device is to treat nerve related pain conditions whether you are just experiencing the pain newly or it is of a chronic nature.

The simplest way to explain how a Tens Unit works is that it sends stimulating pulses through the surface of the skin along the nerve stand.

The effect it has on its users is designed on a way that the stimulating pulses they feel has the function of preventing pain signals from reaching the brain.

Most Tens Unit were designed in a way that when working, it stimulates the body to produce enough Endorphin which is our body’s own natural way of fighting and reducing the effect of pain we feel.

What about an E.M.S Device?

E.M.S. stands for (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and it is predominantely used for the prevention and reduction of muscle atrophy.

Atrophy is the weaking and loss of muscle tone and this is common with people that have just undergone surgeries or injuries.

E.M.S devices has been known to be very effective means of preventing muscle atrophy and also helps in the circulation of blood through muscle tissues.

When there is proper circulation of blood in the muscle, there is an increase in motion, increase in strength and an improvement in muscle endurance.

That is why E.M.S devices are mostly used by sports men and women that are always in need of improving their performance.

E.M.S devices are also known to be effective for pain management  and help in relieving muscle pain related problems like spastic muscle, sore muscles, or tight muscles.

Let us now take a look at some of the best TENS unit devices that you can buy online for effective pain management.


1. TENS Device by Vive

TENS Device by Vive

Check For Price And Read Reviews On Amazon

One of the best TENS devices in the market, you are looking at a unit that comes with 16 massage modes that you are manipulate to get the most out of your pain treatment and management.

It also comes with an easy to read LCD screen with lots of electrode pads and cables. Talking about its power, this unit has a lithium battery that gives up to 10 hours of continuous use.

Comparing the price to its ability to manage pains for its user, this is one of the best you can get for TENS unit.

My personal feelings about this unit

  • When I use it I have full control over the intensity and can alter it to meet my exact need.
  • There are no extra settings to be applied when delivered, I just open the pack and start using.
  • The cables are long enough to make usage really easy.
  • And the backlit display is simple to read

Best TENS Unit For Arthritis Treatment

TENS Device by Vive

If you are suffering from arthritis, this is one of the Tens unit to try out because it is known to give long term relief from aches and pains you feel in your bones.

It doesn’t matter the pain you feel in your muscle, this devices is sure to give you some relief when the need arises.

How To Use This Tens Unit Device For Pain

TENS Device by Vive

Its settings ranges from low to high settings. It is recommended that you start from the low settings and work your way up. When you get to the level you feel comfortable with, you will know.

For you to get the most out of this device, position the pads on either side of the affected area so as to get faster relief from the pain you feel.

There are lots of positive revies about this unit and you can find out more by visiting through any of the link about this product on this page.

Pros And Cons Of Tens Device By Vive

For the pros it is known that this devices works flawlessly and there is little or no hiccups compared to the affordable price point.

Very effective for sports men and women for fast recovery from injuries or just a simple massage after training for optimum performance.

There are multiple settings which makes it easy for pains from different ranges of injuries to be targeted comfortably.

One con that is common with reviews from users is that they wish the pad could be a little bit more adhesive. But I am sure the manufacturers are paying attention and would have done something about that by now.

Wearable Pain Relief Starter Kit by Quell

Check For Price And Read Reviews On Amazon

This is another Tens unit that is mostly desired because of its wearability. This is unlike the regular TENS unit you know that comes with modes and pads you stick all over the place.

You just fit it to the affected area and get the same stimulation and result you will get from the regular units you see online.

It comes with an innovative technology known as OptiTherapy and its function is to adjust the stimulation you receive to your optimal level.

Wear it on the affected area like your calf and your brain will receive the required signals asking it to release endorphins which is the natural pain blockers we talked about earlier.

Pros And Cons Of Using This TENS Unit

This wearable unit can connect to your phone easily making it easy for you to manage how it works and in an extremely convenient and user-friendly way.

If you want to get relief from pain without the use of drugs, then this Kit should help you with that.

If you put on loose fitting pants, you can strap this unit inside and no one will even know it is there.

One con about this unit is that users complain that the pads don’t work well for long.

EMS and TENS Combo Device by Pure Enrichment

Check For Price And Read Reviews On Amazon

We have given you definitions and meaning of TENS and EMS and how they help in the management and reduction of pain.

This unit was designed to use both systems to reduce pain and increase blood flow in your muscle. If you are suffering from muscle spasm, this unit can use its EMS capability to ease your discomfort and improve your range of motion.

Pros And Cons Of EMS and TENS Combo Device

This is one unit that users confirm its pad lasts really long and the instructions on the manual is easy to understand.

It is also known to cut down the amount of time flare-ups last.

However, very few people would have preferred a strong level of stimulation for relief.

Pure Pulse Pro by Pure Enrichment

Check For Price And Read Reviews On Amazon

If you want something that looks sleek with a techie vibe, then this is the unit for you. Some people talk about how it looks like an iPhone accessory and I can t argue.

While using it, you have the options of using any of the 8 timers that range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.

If you want an inspiration to go for this unit, then know that it comes with a 2 year warranty.

Pros and Cons of Pure Pulse Pro

This unit has been known to reduce pain in most parts of the body including aches from lower back region.

The pad has also been known to last long even after several uses.

There are lots of options for the intensity and you might not go too high to get reach the intensity you get when you visit your physical therapist.

That said, some users complain that turning this device on or off can be challenging at times.

Electronic Pulse Massager by TruMedic

Check For Price And Read Reviews On Amazon

This is one pain management system buyers go for because of its ease to use and operate. There is also the lightweight that puts this device in a positive light amongst its users.

With only 5 ounce and ease to move it around, this device comes with an LCD display that tells you exactly what the unit is doing and where. All you have to dois look at the screen and press the required button.

I guess there is nothing complicated about a massage unit that has words like “shoulder,” “waist,” “wrist,” “massage,” and “knead” written on its buttons.

The unit also gives you access to videos that educates you more about pain so you understand what you are dealing with.

Pros And Cons Of Electronic Pulse Massager

Accident victims have confirmed that this unit helped them manage and heal the pains from their injuries.

It has a 15 minutes increament which makes it perfect for users that are interested in a few rounds of pain relief.

There is no need to visit your chiropractor all the time because this is a viable option for you and saves you more money.

Con: Doesn’t fit well in the pocket of women’s jeans. Personally I don’t think that can be much of a problem since it works perfectly okay.

TENS Massager Device by iRelieve

Check For Price And Read Reviews On Amazon

The innovation I like about this TENS device is that it has both small and large pads. The idea is to use small pads for small areas of the body and large pads for larger areas like your back.

This is nice I think – at least there is customization that can be used to handle different body pains. This is one of the devices that has the backing and endorsement of physical therapist.

Pros And Cons Of TENS Massager

There is a wraparound belt customization if you want additional pain relief from this TENS unit.

Very portable that it can practically fit in your pant pocket.

If you wish to increase the time settings for a particular session, there is the option of adding minutes for better pain relief.

Con: Works well when you are at home but the pads rarely sticks to the body during serious movement.

Rechargeable Pain Relief Machine by KEDSUM

Check For Price And Read Reviews On Amazon

As you can tell from the name this device is rechargeable and made for those that wants to cut back on bills to be paid for acupuncture.

This unit was designed with a technology that simulates traditional Chinese methods of pain relief and massage, including knocking, cupping, tapping, acupuncture, shiatsu, deep tissue, and more!

More reason why it is one hot selling product in its category.

Pros And Cons Of This Unit

This device can run on a single charge for a very long time(mostly 3 days and one night)

If you are a jogger that is suffering from shin split, then this is one massage device to check out for relief.

Though it looks small, it is known to pack lots of power and serves well for people looking for that intense stimulation.

Con: The power button has been termed to be sensitive. It can turn off accidentally and turning it back on can be a challenge.

TENS 7000 by Roscoe Medical

Check For Price And Read Reviews On Amazon

A TENS unit known to be very effective in handling sore muscles, this little packed device comes with everything you will need for your massage ranging from a conducive spray to batteries.

The guide that comes with it is also easy to read to so getting use to this device can be pretty easy.

Pros And Cons TENS 7000

If you are suffering from pain associated with herniated disc, this is one massager that you need.

You can use daily for several months without it loosing its force and capabilities.

It is also know to relax back muscles effectively so if you have any ache or pain in your back, you should go for this Unit.

Con: Lacks the massage feature of most other units that have been written about here.

Smart Electro Pain Relief Device by HealthmateForever

Check For Price And Read Reviews On Amazon

This unit is another double powered and functioned pain relief device that makes use of TENs technology with Powered Muscle Stimulation(PMS) technology to relieve pain from its user’s body.

It also comes with different massage nodes as well as an acupuncture mode. There is also the cupping and tapping modes.

This is one of the best ways to relieve pain naturally without the use of drugs.

Pros And Cons Of This Pain Relief Material

The pad really sticks well to the skin and can be relied on to get relief from carpal tunnel.

It is easily reachargeble – you can even charge it with your computer and when fully charged it is said to last long.

Con: It is small in size and some users might prefer it to pack a bit more power.

How Does A Tens Unit Work?

Most Tens unit comes with different variations in settings that gives its users control over intensity and power of stimulation they get. This has to do with the voltage, current, and pulse width (duration) of each pulse.

The electrodes are placed on the affected part of the body that is in need of relief. Different sizes of its pads determines which part of the body it is being placed.

Current travels through the electrodes and into the skin stimulating pathways. Users tend to feel tingling or massaging sensation which tends to reduce the pain on the part of the body it is being placed.

This is device the people turn to if they want a natural approach to pain management that is void of drug use.

There are ways that you can say a TENS unit works on its users; it is said to successfully decrease or eliminate pains.

There is a theory known as Gate Control Theory and it is said to said to provide the most advanced explanation to how TENS unit works.

Gate Control Theory helps us understand that there’s a neural mechanism in spinal cord that acts as a kind of gate, shutting down or opening up the flow of signals from the periphery to the brain.

The signal you send to the gate determines whether the gate will be closed, opened or partially opened. This is how perception to pain is perceived by a user’s body.

TENS unit now interfere with the transmission of the pain message our brain receives at this spinal cord level thereby blocking the transmission of this pain signal to the brain.

There is another theory known as the “The Endorphin Release”. This theory suggests that this same electrical impulses released by a TENS unit tend to release Endorphins and enkaphalins in the body and these are known to be natural pain killers the body uses to handle pain.

The pulse sends signal to the brain to produce enough of these natural like morphine that help reduce pains without any side effects.

Popularity In The Use Of Tens Unit

TENS unit is known to be used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. It is known to be a reliable source of relief from physical pain.

Its ability to help in this relief is the reason why hundreds of doctors, nurses, and patient technicians often recommend that their patients use T.E.N.S. unit for minor and major pain relief.

If you are very aware of Merck manual, this is a very reliable source of information for medical practitioners and professionals and this manual recommends TENS Therapy for pain relief.

What Are The Types Of Pains You Can Treat With TENS Unit

TENS unit can be used to treat different types of pains. Here is a list of pain that can be treated and managed with TENS Unit:

  • Acute and Chronic Pain
  • Post Op Incisions
  • Post Surgical Pain
  • Labor, And Delivery
  • Migraine And Tension Headaches
  • Acute Pain From Sports
  • Other Injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain From Tendentious And Bursitis
  • Cancer Pain
  • Wound Healing

How To Buy The Right TENS Unit

Before you buy a TENS unit, there are certain factors you should consider and things to do so that you can make the right buy.

Five things to do before buying a Tens unit are:

  1. What you need the Tens Unit to do for you
  2. Check your budget and draw up a list
  3. Narrow down your list to 2 or 3 devices
  4. Research and analyze the devices to a greater level
  5. Then you make your choice

What You Need The Tens Unit To Do For You

Before you decide on a Tens unit and pay for one, you need to decide on you what you want to achieve with it.

Obviously it is going to be for pain relief but the part of the body that needs that relief can determine which one to go for.

You also have to check the portability and if it is rechargeable. How the pad sticks if used at home or on the move.

The durability and warranty if necessary. All these are things to consider and you can better understand it more by writing down what you want to achieve with you TENS unit. That will give you an idea on how to select the best one for your need.

Check Your Budget And Draw Up A List

If you are decided on the type of TENS unit to go for, the next factor to consider is how much you intend to spend  on this device.

You don’t want something too cheap that doesn’t have enough power to give you the stimulation you desire and you don’t want a device that will affect your finance and budget.

Finding a balance between your chosen device and your budget is important for you so you don’t regret buying a particular type.

Narrow Down Your List To 2 Or 3 Devices

After you have found a balance between your choosen TENS unit and your budget, if there are more than 3, it is advisable to narrow down your list to 2 or 3 best ones.

This helps give you are better focus in making a decision on which one to buy. You don’t want to be distracted by lots of devices and getting confused in making a decision.

 Research and analyze the devices to a greater level

The next step is to research and analyze your chosen devices to a great extent to know the ones that will work best for you and achieve pain relief faster and permanently.

Find out the pros and cons of each unit and what makes each of them thick. You can get better information from reviews left by users that left comment in the selling site.

This way you know what to expect from a given unit when you order for one.

Then Make Your Choice Of TENS Unit

The result of your research and analysis will help making a buying decision very easy for you. You should have something that have worked for others based on their budget coming your way through the delivery man in a couple of days.

Your relief from pain in any part of your body is almost close.

Features To Check Out In A TENS Unit Before Buying One

  • Program and Modes
  • Channels
  • Intensity Settings
  • Ease Of Use
  • Battery or Rechargeable Capability
  • Size And Portability
  • Warranty
  • Price

Programs and Modes Of A TENS Unit:

This is a feature that comes with any TENS unit and it helps you understand what a unit is for and what it is most effective for.

Different types of unit work for different parts of body best. So try finding out if a TENS unit works best for the part of your body that is in need of pain relief.

Channels Of A TENS Unit:

Some of the technological advancement of TENS unit is its ability to have dual channels with independent intensity controls.

Units like these works best for people that want relief from more than one part of their body. If you like this feature then you should check if the one you want to buy has it.

Intensity Settings Of A TENS Unit:

The power of its stimulation is something you should consider so as to know if you would want something stronger or lesser.

However, you should know that because a manual states that a TENS unit comes with 50 different levels does not mean it has more power than the one that has 25 different level.

What is most important is the power of stimulation and you can check reviews to understand what buyers think of a product.

Ease Of Use Of A TENS Unit:

Bases on the TENS unit we have reviewed in this post, there are some that come with easy to use capabilities.

This has to do with how the machine is operated; the types of buttons and controls that come with the device.

Sometimes you get this idea from reviews and comments too.

Battery And Rechargeable Capability Of A TENS Unit:

You have to know how the machine is being charged and how long a full charge last. Most of them come with built-in rechargeable batteries for longer use.

Having a TENS unit with built-in rechargeable batteries comes with its advantages and two of them are:

  1. Convenience – no need to worry about running out of replacements
  2. Savings – not having the additional cost of replacement batteries

Size and Portability Of A TENS Unit:

Some people prefer a machine that is small enough to fit into their pants and help them with pain relief on the go while some people don’t mind leaving it at home for use whenever they come back.

There are those that want both but whichever one you want, you will always find a TENS unit that fits the bill.

Warranties Of A TENS Unit:

Some buyers take comfort in the fact that a quality product is supposed to come with warranty. If you want that you can get it.

There are products that come with 2 years warranty while they are machines that come with 90 days cover.

Whichever one you decide to buy ensure that you find out the length of your warranty, what it covers and how the warranty can be compared to other units.

Price Of A TENS Unit:

Depending on the power and how advanced you want your TENS unit machine to be,  you can always find a device that you can buy for as low as $30 and as high as $1,000 and more.

You are to decide what you want and how much you are ready to invest in one to get that relief you need from any part of your body that hurts.

Finally On Buying a TENS Unit

It is my belief that after reading this guide, you should be able to buy the right machine for your pain relief.

Even if you are a novice before coming to this post, I am sure you are well informed as of this moment. Selecting the right TENS unit for your use should be easy now.

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